From 7 pm every Wednesday night, Italian Bar is live and bringing local act,as duo musicians, solo performers and acoustic bands.


The Franchi Brothers, Filippo & Simone, left their beautiful hilltop Tuscan hometown of Barga with all its traditions of art and jazz at the end of the nineties and moved to London following their instincts as musicians to discover the World through its multifaceted soundscape,

During their ten year stint there, they studied and played music in different bands first, discovering Djing and experimenting with electronic music very soon to play sessions in the capital's many venues with assorted line-ups, as well as organising their very own brand of parties, they found inspiration and absorbed the influences of London's multicultural melting pot. The city and its diversity eventually encouraged them, both together and separately, to continue their search and wander the globe for the best part of the following decade.

Today, having built a life and set up a studio on the ocean side of Australia, they are spreading their energetic vibe in Sydney town, playing regularly club like Burdekin and Abercrombie and festival like Subsonic which has witnessed them since the beginning, deliver their special groove and original dance-floor swing in their PizzaLab tent.

The brother's set includes their selected grooves, mixed with live percussion, voice, bass guitar, mandolin, didgeridoo, flutes and all kinds of exotic instruments collected during their travels. The show is blend of house tech and a deep rolling fiesta affair.... rumba time!

These two Italian music professionals have also continued to established their global credentials, with appearance at the Miami Winter conference parties,Off Sonar Barcelona and though countless appearances at some of the coolest events in Australia supporting Dj's like Davide Squillace, Jamie Jones, Guti, D.O.P, Alex Kid, Superpitcher, Acid Pauly and many more...